These Katahdin Sheep Keep Having Twin Lambs In The Snow!

Like humans, often times sheep do not plan their pregnancies. Further it appears our herd must have had a pregnancy pact, as they are all birthing twins now. These Katahdin Sheep come from Maine and are suited to climate worst than this, but still it would be ideal to have the rams separated until you are prepared to have pregnant sheep. This way you could have the lambs in a warmer time of the year helping better their chances at survival. I think we have about 6 newborn lambs right now and likely more on the way. Here are some photos and a link to videos and such for the lambs/sheep.

Here’s a time lapse of the sheep doing their thing outside of the cabin. This included a night portion of the sky, but it got cloudy and snowed the camera over.

Newborn lamb calls for mama!

Okay, last one, another time lapse but in this one you can see the process of moving the sheep from one paddock to the next. Usually you may not use this type of fencing, but we’re being careful as we just got them on this property. Stars included!

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