Gopros have a setting to capture your photos in the fullest size it offers, 5568 x 4176 for the gopro 9. That’s 5K, more than the 5K option for video as well. No sharpening, color or temp changes, nothing. This is a few levels above the normal 4K options you have for time lapses etc and leaves you the most room to make those edits yourself. I recently just bought this 5 TB external HDD and it came with 4 months of adobe photoshop and Lightroom for free. So I am going to try to take full advantage of that trial. Basically I am shooting the time lapses and having them all saved as separate images, opening them all in Lightroom, exporting them, putting them back together in shotcut and exporting as a video. Maybe I will write more about how I do that stuff, but for now here are some photos and a video I made from this process.

Super Vibrant Space Lapse 4K
Super Vibrant Space Lapse 4K

Super vibrant edit of time lapse footage on the farm.