Time lapse from mountain farm magnificently captures the Milky Way

I didn’t choose the title on this one but if they’re gonna feature my videos I’m cool with it! This is another time lapse composed of like a thousand RAW photos. These types of photos allow me to use the camera sensor on the gopro to it’s fullest for the largest possible resolution while also giving me more freedom to edit. It takes a lot more time to do it all, but I think it’s worth it and sets me apart. I load each photo in to Adobe Lightroom, edit and export them all at once. How I edit them will probably have to be another article. I feel that I am still guessing and changing things up to however I see best or want to try out. After all I don’t even have a 4K TV or monitor here. I have a 2K monitor that is faster for gaming and I am shooting this in 5k! This leaves a lot of guess work and this type of video gets so big that I cannot actually watch it at all on my computer, it just will not load.

Milky Way season shall be upon us soon. The sun shall no longer block the brightest part of the milky way in a month or so and for several months. June or July may be the best time to take photos and hopefully I’ll be around to do just that. Heck I might even buy some real astrophotography equipment.

I hope you enjoy this video, let me know what ya think!

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These Katahdin Sheep Keep Having Twin Lambs In The Snow!

Like humans, often times sheep do not plan their pregnancies. Further it appears our herd must have had a pregnancy pact, as they are all birthing twins now. These Katahdin Sheep come from Maine and are suited to climate worst than this, but still it would be ideal to have the rams separated until you are prepared to have pregnant sheep. This way you could have the lambs in a warmer time of the year helping better their chances at survival. I think we have about 6 newborn lambs right now and likely more on the way. Here are some photos and a link to videos and such for the lambs/sheep.

Here’s a time lapse of the sheep doing their thing outside of the cabin. This included a night portion of the sky, but it got cloudy and snowed the camera over.

Newborn lamb calls for mama!

Okay, last one, another time lapse but in this one you can see the process of moving the sheep from one paddock to the next. Usually you may not use this type of fencing, but we’re being careful as we just got them on this property. Stars included!

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GoPro 9 Raw 5K

Gopros have a setting to capture your photos in the fullest size it offers, 5568 x 4176 for the gopro 9. That’s 5K, more than the 5K option for video as well. No sharpening, color or temp changes, nothing. This is a few levels above the normal 4K options you have for time lapses etc and leaves you the most room to make those edits yourself. I recently just bought this 5 TB external HDD and it came with 4 months of adobe photoshop and Lightroom for free. So I am going to try to take full advantage of that trial. Basically I am shooting the time lapses and having them all saved as separate images, opening them all in Lightroom, exporting them, putting them back together in shotcut and exporting as a video. Maybe I will write more about how I do that stuff, but for now here are some photos and a video I made from this process.

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Fortnite Gifs

No scope through a tree.

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My Favorite Protein Smoothie Recipe For Muscle Gain And Weight Loss

Webster dictionary defines “smoothie” as: “a blended cold drink designed to make you super swole with the benefit of losing weight fast.” In my opinion they are a great meal replacement(when made correctly) in which you can implement any other healthy ingredients you want, the options are unlimited. You are able to dial in the exact nutrition you want or need. They’re quick to make and honestly very tasty(depending on what you add). I believe the blending aids in digestion as the mechanical aspect is already done for you and done more efficiently. Here are some of my objectives in creating a smoothie, you can click the pictures of these products I use to buy them on Amazon and I may receive a small commission.

My objectives

Protein: This is primary for me, I want the protein to help build muscle and burn fat. With a good protein powder you can easily supplement your protein intake in literally seconds without having to cook a bunch of meat and chew it all day, and worry about how much fat accompanies it. This saves a bunch of time without having to worry about whether it is ready to eat or if it has gone bad. Aside from smoothies you can put protein powder in water, milk, pancakes, and a ton of other tasty things. It’s also cheaper than basically any other source of protein. The protein below also contains BCAAs , creatine and other great stuff.

Creatine: Creatine helps you build muscle as well as many other benefits throughout your whole body. I have recorded my results personally and know that it works. It’s cost effective and basically the most popular and safest workout supplement you can get. Creatine is normally found in meat and fish, but requires even more meat or fish to get than protein does, making it great to supplement. The creatine below is mirconized to help absorption in your body.

Fruit: I don’t usually eat fruit. But fruit is a good source of some vitamins, fiber, and carbs that are better for you than other sources of carbs. Smoothies are an easy way to incorporate fruit in a tasty and quick manner. I don’t have a link for this, I get frozen fruit from the store. personally I like blueberries and bananas for fiber, anti oxidants and the taste.

Calories: To effectively replace a meal and have energy for your days or workouts you’re going to need more calories than just protein and fruit. But you don’t want just any calories. For this I add milk and peanut butter and likely a touch of honey, which contain some fat, protein, carbs and magical stuff(honey).


  1. 1 scoop of protein powder
  2. 5g of creatine (2 tsp of the powder above)
  3. 1 banana
  4. 3/4 cup of blueberries or other fruit
  5. 1/2 cup of milk
  6. 1 Tablesoon of peanut butter
  7. 1 Tablespoon of honey
  8. 1 Teaspoon of ground cinnamon

How to prepare:

You can literally just throw all these things in a magic bullet or other blender and chug it down. Personally I make it the following way.

  1. Fill the bottom of magic bullet cup with blueberries and the banana
  2. Pour in the milk (the amount may need to be adjusted to leave room for the remaining ingredients)
  3. Add the protein, creatine and remaining ingredients with the honey being the very last to add. The honey tends to sink to the bottom of the cup and will take longer to blend if it is not placed on top of everything.
  4. Screw on the blades and blend! The magic bullet is great for this because it is made for a single smoothie and is easy to clean. Just blend it till everything is mixed and drink it from the cup or transfer to your preferred container. Rinse the blades and cup asap to make cleanup even easier.


I love these smoothies, they give me the energy and nutrition I need in a short amount of time. Personally I have lost about 25 pounds in the last couple months drinking these and going on walks as well as other exercises. If you have any allergies to peanuts, you could use other nuts or hemp seeds or nothing. The milk can be replaced with almond milk, other milks, or just water.

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GoPro 9 Horizon Leveling and Hyper Smooth 3.0 On A 4 Wheeler At Shamblen Farms

Here I am testing out the GoPro 9 Horizon leveling and Hyper Smooth 3.0 with a 4 wheeler on and between Shamblen Farms etc. I would like to have filmed more but the 4 wheeler didn’t seem to be running as well so I had to throw together what footage I had. There is far more land and better shots to take, which hopefully I will be able to do later. Surely I will! I also have footage with a UTV etc so stayed tuned for more! This camera is amazing, without these features the video would seemingly be unwatchable and extremely shaky, even on a paved road… the tires are very knobby and bikes generally vibrate quite a bit. Thanks for watching , subscribe to my youtube for more and have a great day!

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5k Purple Sky Lapse With The GoPro 9

New Time Lapse of the sky and milky way in 5K with the GoPro 9. I played around with editing for once. I made 3 versionS of the time lapse, back to back, the last one is just the original with just a bit of sharpening. Thanks for watching, have a great day!

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GoPro Hero 4 Night Lapse – See The Milky Way

So the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, has a 12 Mega Pixel camera just like the GoPro 8, or much like it. Before the GoPro 8 and 9 I had this GoPro hero 4 silver available, so I thought I would test out it’s NightLapse mode. It seems to have turned out better than some of the other night lapses with newer GoPros. Though I am also just getting better at doing this stuff, I think.. Y’all let me know! Lol. The Hero 4 Silver also does 4k at 30 fps and 2.7k at 60 fps. I guess since they haven’t made them in awhile the prices aren’t that cheap on Amazon, but if you happen to find one else where for pretty cheap… you can make pretty good night lapses and other videos.

Here’s my Amazon affiliate link to search results for the Hero 4 https://amzn.to/3iMxHRY

For settings on this thing I used:

Night Mode

ISO 100-800

The lowest white balance(3000 I think)

30 second shutter

Interval: Continuous

Color: Flat

Sharpness: low.

Have fun shooting. Thanks for watching, please consider giving a thumbs up and/or subscribe. đŸ™‚

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New time lapse should look more like this. Better each time. That’s the Milky Way btw. Full size and on pc it looks even better. #4k #gopro9

New time lapse should look more like this. Better each time. That’s the Milky Way btw. Full size and on pc it looks even better.  #4k #gopro9

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GoPro 8 Night Mode Shot Of Cabin, Moon, and stars.

This was a first test of night mode on the farm, at night, with a bright moon. Shot on the GoPro 8 4k. While the GoPro 9 is out now, you can get many excellent shots and night lapses on the GoPro 8. If you’re able to pick one up at a good price I would highly recommend it if you like taking these kinds of pictures or night lapses. The night mode is built in already. While using your GoPro 8, simply scroll over to photo mode, click on it then scroll down to night mode. You may leave the settings as they are to get a shot like this or you can adjust them. If you want to adjust the settings for night mode I would suggest opening the shutter up to 30 seconds. This allows you to capture far more light from stars that are harder to see. If you happen to have the moon in your shot tho, it will down out most of the stars as it did here. You can also play around with the white balance to get a different feel or temperature color in your photo. You can also do this in editing however, as well as some other features. Turning down sharpness and putting your color to flat may help to capture a better picture as those features can be added in editing as well.

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