Time lapse from mountain farm magnificently captures the Milky Way

I didn’t choose the title on this one but if they’re gonna feature my videos I’m cool with it! This is another time lapse composed of like a thousand RAW photos. These types of photos allow me to use the camera sensor on the gopro to it’s fullest for the largest possible resolution while also giving me more freedom to edit. It takes a lot more time to do it all, but I think it’s worth it and sets me apart. I load each photo in to Adobe Lightroom, edit and export them all at once. How I edit them will probably have to be another article. I feel that I am still guessing and changing things up to however I see best or want to try out. After all I don’t even have a 4K TV or monitor here. I have a 2K monitor that is faster for gaming and I am shooting this in 5k! This leaves a lot of guess work and this type of video gets so big that I cannot actually watch it at all on my computer, it just will not load.

Milky Way season shall be upon us soon. The sun shall no longer block the brightest part of the milky way in a month or so and for several months. June or July may be the best time to take photos and hopefully I’ll be around to do just that. Heck I might even buy some real astrophotography equipment.

I hope you enjoy this video, let me know what ya think!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Gorgeous view

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