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Time lapse from mountain farm magnificently captures the Milky Way

I didn’t choose the title on this one but if they’re gonna feature my videos I’m cool with it! This is another time lapse composed of like a thousand RAW photos. These types of photos allow me to use the … Continue reading

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These Katahdin Sheep Keep Having Twin Lambs In The Snow!

Like humans, often times sheep do not plan their pregnancies. Further it appears our herd must have had a pregnancy pact, as they are all birthing twins now. These Katahdin Sheep come from Maine and are suited to climate worst … Continue reading

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GoPro 9 Raw 5K

Gopros have a setting to capture your photos in the fullest size it offers, 5568 x 4176 for the gopro 9. That’s 5K, more than the 5K option for video as well. No sharpening, color or temp changes, nothing. This … Continue reading

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Fortnite Gifs

No scope through a tree.

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My Favorite Protein Smoothie Recipe For Muscle Gain And Weight Loss

Webster dictionary defines “smoothie” as: “a blended cold drink designed to make you super swole with the benefit of losing weight fast.” In my opinion they are a great meal replacement(when made correctly) in which you can implement any other … Continue reading

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GoPro 9 Horizon Leveling and Hyper Smooth 3.0 On A 4 Wheeler At Shamblen Farms

Here I am testing out the GoPro 9 Horizon leveling and Hyper Smooth 3.0 with a 4 wheeler on and between Shamblen Farms etc. I would like to have filmed more but the 4 wheeler didn’t seem to be running … Continue reading

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5k Purple Sky Lapse With The GoPro 9

New Time Lapse of the sky and milky way in 5K with the GoPro 9. I played around with editing for once. I made 3 versionS of the time lapse, back to back, the last one is just the original … Continue reading

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GoPro Hero 4 Night Lapse – See The Milky Way

So the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, has a 12 Mega Pixel camera just like the GoPro 8, or much like it. Before the GoPro 8 and 9 I had this GoPro hero 4 silver available, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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New time lapse should look more like this. Better each time. That’s the Milky Way btw. Full size and on pc it looks even better. #4k #gopro9

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GoPro 8 Night Mode Shot Of Cabin, Moon, and stars.

This was a first test of night mode on the farm, at night, with a bright moon. Shot on the GoPro 8 4k. While the GoPro 9 is out now, you can get many excellent shots and night lapses on … Continue reading

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