GoPro 8 Night Mode Shot Of Cabin, Moon, and stars.

This was a first test of night mode on the farm, at night, with a bright moon. Shot on the GoPro 8 4k. While the GoPro 9 is out now, you can get many excellent shots and night lapses on the GoPro 8. If you’re able to pick one up at a good price I would highly recommend it if you like taking these kinds of pictures or night lapses. The night mode is built in already. While using your GoPro 8, simply scroll over to photo mode, click on it then scroll down to night mode. You may leave the settings as they are to get a shot like this or you can adjust them. If you want to adjust the settings for night mode I would suggest opening the shutter up to 30 seconds. This allows you to capture far more light from stars that are harder to see. If you happen to have the moon in your shot tho, it will down out most of the stars as it did here. You can also play around with the white balance to get a different feel or temperature color in your photo. You can also do this in editing however, as well as some other features. Turning down sharpness and putting your color to flat may help to capture a better picture as those features can be added in editing as well.

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